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Our dentists qualified and experienced? Using latest technologies? Quality of treatment? You would have many questions and you are right to make inquiry on those kind of questions. That is a very important issue to take a decision about your health. Please ask us all kind of questions without any hesitation.We are one of the well-known high-tech dental centre in the Turkiye with 14 experienced and qualified dentist. Most of our patients coming via reference of our ex-patients. Visit us and get your decision after consultation. There is no fee for diagnosis and roentgens. We respect your decision and you can leave clinic without any payment if you have any negative feelings about us.
We are much cheaper than your country. But we are not the cheapest one. We can’t be. The cheapest one would not be the cheapest one for you in reality. Low quality treatment or low quality materials would cause problem for your health and would be more expansive for you in the long term.Please consider quality of dentists, quality of clinic and technology and quality of materials while comparing prices. We are using best equipment and materials. We have also black and white pricing policy. There is no hidden cost. We can give you accurate pricing if you send us your X-Rays. We give you margins if there is something unclear after inspection of your roentgen. There will be no surprise after beginning of treatment.
That is your right to look for shorter treatment period due to cost and restricted holiday times. We are giving priority to our patients who are coming from different countries. We are working 6 days in a week and our dentist come clinic on Sunday if there is an urgent need. Also we have advanced technologies and in-house technician laboratory to make process shorter.Though we are not one of the clinics who finish treatment in a very short time. Treatment should be done diligently and according to procedure. Very fast treatments could cause problems in medium or long terms. You deserve long term success if you have your treatment done at another country. So we should not be very fast.
We would say a big lie if we have 100% treatment success. Nobody can achieve that target and that is a lie if someone say that in health sector. Our success rates higher than most of the clinics in Europe in terms of implants and aesthetic treatments according to feedbacks from third party dental companies. We are doing our best for not only short term success but also long term success. We have also huge experience on treatment of patients who come from different countries. (Treatment procedure is more strict and diligent for those patients.) Most importantly, we are not easily blaming patient if there is a problem due to treatment we have done. We have a guarantee program and we are solving all the problems.

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It is very important to get health care from physicians who are experts in this field for the right treatment of dental and gum diseases. Our clinic, which serves you with the best dentists in Istanbul, performs the latest medical methods for dental and gum diseases. With our pre and post treatment services you can ensure that your treatments are done in the best way.Teeth play an important role both for our strong chewing quality and for the smooth performance of speech. Health problems such as dental caries, distortions, discoloration, fractures as a result of physical impacts should be treated by specialist dentists. In such cases, treatment should be taken quickly to prevent tooth loss. Otherwise, loss of teeth may be seen and the gum may be adversely affected. Tooth loss can affect human health as well as psychologically negatively affect people in appearance.In case of tooth loss, the tooth should be replaced. Because each tooth has a different function. In the absence of any teeth, both aesthetic appearance is adversely affected and a healthy chewing action cannot be performed. In such cases, you can contact our best dentist staff in Istanbul. To restore the old health of the teeth today, many treatment methods are used. Clinically, these methods are applied to our patients in the best way to ensure that our patients receive quality health care in dental treatment.Our clinic, which provides services with treatment methods such as filling treatments, implant dental treatments, tooth whitening, responds to your treatment demands in the best way and serves you in the solution of your dental health problems. You can get detailed information about your health problems by contacting our clinic and start treatment procedures.

Dentist in Istanbul

Dental health is important for maintaining the overall health of our body. Dental and gum diseases are not cared for by people because they do not directly affect human health. However, the first stage of digestion, the inside of the mouth to prepare nutrients in the best way to prepare the teeth is of great importance. Therefore, any health problems that may occur in our teeth and gums should be consulted by the dentist. You can get the best service with our expert staff with our Istanbul dentist service. The better our digestive system works, the better the vitamins and minerals in foods. Although our stomach is very strong, it is also important that the food be chewed well and sent to the stomach. It will be possible to encounter stomach and stomach diseases which are exposed to foods that are not chewed in a good way, as well as some diseases such as indigestion and constipation. To ensure proper chewing of food, teeth must be intact. Gums are important for our teeth to be intact. Because of the weakening and various diseases seen in our gums grasping our teeth, tooth loss may occur. Tooth loss negatively affects digestion. Tooth loss can affect not only the digestive system but also the speech function. In the absence of one or more teeth, the mouth movements may not occur as desired or may have difficulty speaking. In another aspect, due to the lack of teeth or caries in humans, it is possible to be affected psychologically because of the appearance anxiety. As a dentist in Istanbul dentist in Istanbul, we provide you with our expert staff in gum and dental diseases and provide all the necessary treatments for the health of the teeth. Using implant technology for the lost teeth, dental diseases are treated by completing the missing teeth with the best equipment