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Porcelain-fused Metal Crown (PFM)


This is a type of crown that involves the use of various metal alloys as an infrastructure under the porcelain surface. These alloys are often made of durable standard metals and are quite compatible with tooth and gum tissues.


Porcelain-fused to metal crowns are the most common types that are used in cases that require a fixed denture.

Treatment Time


Up to 8 teeth: 5 to 6 working days

Over 8 teeth: 6 to 7 working days

We usually suggest the longest period (7 days or 8 days). Aesthetic teeth require diligent work and we want you to test your new teeth with temporary glue for few days. (Sunday is not included in working days.)

Treatment Stages

♦ Treatment should be planned according to panoramic and periapical X-ray images.

♦ Root canal operation and gum treatment, if necessary, should be finished before the procedure.

♦ Teeth are prepared for the procedure by abrasion and composite temporary crowns are applied during the same session.

♦ Measurements

♦ Laboratory stages

♦ Testing of metal infrastructure

♦ Testing of porcelain tooth

♦ Adaptation of the denture and cementation.



♦  It is the most durable and commonly used infrastructure.

♦  If it is applied with care and diligence, aesthetic outcomes are satisfying.

♦  Affordable prices.


♦  Because of their metal content, light transmission of porcelain crowns is not as good as the natural teeth. Therefore, compared to zirconium and opaque ceramic materials, the aesthetic outcomes may not be satisfactory.

♦  In time, there may appear a grayish color at the gum level.

♦  They may rarely cause allergic reactions.


All the treatments are under Citydent guarantee. Please ask for details.

Conulsult porcelain veneers cost Istanbul Citydent

Veneer Prices

When it comes to dental aesthetics, it is not enough to choose only among options such as laminate, zirconium coating, e-max, onlay or whitening. Since the morphological, technical and aesthetic details of the existing teeth such as morphological structures, colors, forms, transparency and natural effects directly affect the natural and aesthetic appearance of the teeth, the process should be started after evaluation.

One of the factors that increase the success in aesthetic treatments is the good communication between patient and the dentis and if the patient is expressing his/her expectations concretely and clearly. Explain your expectations to the professional concretely, use photographs if possible. The biggest problem in aesthetic treatments is the insufficient communication between the denitst and the patient. You can contact our patient care coordinators who are well informed about aesthetic treatments and get detailed and realistic information about the processes.