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Citydent, with an average dentists’ experience of 17 years, has been serving since 2006 with its well-established medical and technical staff. The design and production of all infrastructure and superstructures and ceramic applications are carried out by our technicians who are competent and experienced in their field.

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Intraoral impressions are taken in three-dimensional scanners. Personalized smile design and impression are transferred to the computer and, again, designed in three dimension computer programs. In our dental laboratory, 3D design programs and 3d design devices used in infrastructure production and 3D printers used in temporary tooth construction.

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All products are considered among the best in their field all over the world and biomedical certified. A written guarantee program with no ambiguous statements but a clear statement of what to do in the event of an unexpected situations. You can get best quality zirconia and veneers in Istabul Citydent . 

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We offer a guarantee program with no vague wording and a clear statement of possibilities and actions. In addition to cunsultation and Xray, there is also no charge for 3D tomography. You can make your decision after a completely free examination and planning. At the planning stage, we clearly express the treatment amount with its probabilities and give you the plan/price output. You will not find hidden or inflated prices with

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We know how important treatment time is to you. However, we also know that a comfortable aesthetic prosthesis treatment requires care, patience and strictly complying with the procedures without skipping any steps. We prefer to carry out the process with discipline, caution and completeness

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A treatment process with good dentists and technicians, that has been completed with the best aesthetic infrastructure and superstructure products will not be the cheapest option, for sure. 

The cheapest is not possible with a good team and good materials. However, we claim that we are one of the best clinics in Europe in terms of price performance. Our target is to be always one the best in terms of price/quality performance at zirconia prices and veneer prices in Istanbul Citydent. 

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Although we rely 100% on our treatment and material quality, a permanent cure cannot be scientifically guaranteed. The longevity and continuity of the treatment depends on many factors. Some of them are not dependent on the material and technique, such as medical and physical condition and post-treatment care. That's why we have our comprehensive warranty program. 

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It is not possible for every smile design to be applied to every patient. Appropriate aesthetic alternatives for you should be decided by a prosthetist according to your mouth, bone, teeth and gingival structure. We recommend you not to rely on "photoshoped" photos which are not quite realistic. As a healty center in Istanbul Turkey we have to be honest than advertising. 

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When it comes to dental aesthetics, it is not enough to choose only among options such as laminate, zirconium coating, e-max, onlay or whitening. Since the morphological, technical and aesthetic details of the existing teeth such as morphological structures, colors, forms, transparency and natural effects directly affect the natural and aesthetic appearance of the teeth, the process should be started after evaluation.

One of the factors that increase the success in aesthetic treatments is the good communication between patient and the dentis and if the patient is expressing his/her expectations concretely and clearly. Explain your expectations to the professional concretely, use photographs if possible. The biggest problem in aesthetic treatments is the insufficient communication between the denitst and the patient. You can contact our patient care coordinators who are well informed about aesthetic treatments and get detailed and realistic information about the processes.




• General health information and anamnesis will be taken, and it is investigated whether there is an issue that may concern the treatment.

• Once panoramic and periapical x-rays are taken, ideal aesthetic approach for the patient is determined and treatment plan will be made.

• The treatment should be started by eliminating the health and/or hygiene problems in the teeth. So, Treatment may begin with procedures aimed at restoring the health of the teeth, such as fillings, root canal treatments, and gingival treatment.

• The teeth to be will be prepared and the first aesthetic intervention is performed by making composite temporary veneers in the same session, preventing your daily social life from being affected.

• After taking impressions in the same session, all physical and digital data will be shared with our laboratory for error-free progress of design and production processes.

• Infrastructure material is rehearsed and its suitability is tested.

• At the final rehearsal, the final look of the teeth is submitted to the approval of the dentist and the patient. If necessary, corrections are requested from the laboratory.

• All neccesarry information will be shared and warranty certificate is delivered stamped and signed.


Q & A

Porcelain teeth can be made for aesthetic purposes as well as to protect or restore oral and dental health. Covering teeth where the healthy tissue is very small in volume will both extend the life of the tooth and provide the patient with a more accurate chewing in terms of function. Porcelains made to prevent weak teeth from breaking can also be recommended, for example, in teeth with very large fillings, so that the filling and the tooth are not broken.

Hollywood smile is a form of dental treatment for aesthetic purposes, inspired by the smiles of Hollywood stars. The main purpose of dental aesthetics is to make porcelain veneers in the desired color and form, suitable for the person's mouth structure. A person can have a Hollywood smile for aesthetic purposes, with crooked or dissatisfied teeth. The process we call Hollywood smile is the treatment applied to the teeth in the anterior region.

The most important criteria you need to research for the center is that the clinic is aware of the latest technological developments and uses the latest technology. It is important to consider the experience of the physician. It is important that the recommended treatments are those that are most appropriate for the person. In addition to these, the fact that the clinic's warranty program is comprehensive and that the clinic stands behind its own program will make you very comfortable at the very beginning of the treatment for problems that may be encountered.


Not every treatment method will give the same result for every patient. One of the most important criteria is the method by which the expected result will be obtained. While determining the method, the patient's aesthetic expectation is listened first, then the physician determines the problem and the treatment method to be applied. After the necessary observations are made, dental veneer or a different treatment method is in question. Performing the analyzes correctly is very important not only for the aesthetic appearance, but also for the prevention of gingival and other health problems that are likely to occur in the future.

We recommend that you spend a minimum of ten days to have a Hollywood smile design. In all dental veneers, the process will be completed in a total of 3 or 4 appointments / sessions at 1-2 day intervals. Since dental aesthetics is a very important part of the face, it is to the advantage of the patients for a permanent aesthetic result as a result of giving the physician and the laboratory time to work comfortably for such a detailed and gradual procedure to be performed here.

All of the instruments in the hands of contemporary aesthetic dentistry have been found and developed to meet different needs over the years. This shows that the need of each structure will be different, as will the final appearance it will receive after the process. Dentists who have advanced their expertise by working on thousands of cases are the ones who will make the most accurate determinations in this regard. Although laminate venners are the most preferred approach by all patients that cause the least damage to the natural tooth tissue and have the most transparency, applying procedures known to be non-permanent will bring more harm to the patients than benefit.

If the gingival compatibility of porcelain teeth is very good, they can be used for many years. Even if the porcelain made every 10/15 years does not change, our body tissues and oral structure do. However, the gingival harmony of the porcelain teeth may deteriorate and new veneers may be required for the patient. You can extend this period if you do your maintenance more accurately and regularly. Tooth brushing will not be sufficient under all circumstances. You should definitely clean the food residues under the porcelain teeth.

Porcelain teeth can be made for aesthetic purposes, and in some cases, they are applied in function. In cases where there is only little solid tooth tissue left, it may not be sufficient to treat it with filling and the tooth may need to be completed with porcelain. Another advantage of getting dental porcelains is to distribute the force that may come to the tooth evenly to all tooth roots, not to a single area, to prevent breakage. In order to have the most long-lasting solution for cases with really large cavities, the dentist may also reccomend dental porcelains to cover and protect the tooth. The only disadvantage for a porcelain tooth is that the adjacent teeth need to be cut and reduced when a crown is made without an implant instead of an extracted tooth.

The minimum treatment prices announced by the Turkish Dental Association every year are followed by dental clinics and dentists. These prices are not stated on the internet due to competition conditions. At the same time, since there will be differences in the procedure according to the condition of each patient, comprehensive examinations and tests must be completed first in order to give a price to the patients. However, 2022 Aesthetic Dentistry prices in Istanbul Turkey are low compared to many other developed countries despite the up-to-dateness of the approaches and technologies used. Citydent has been aiming at an accessible health service as a corporate policy since 2006.

One of the most important factors to be considered before new dentures and aesthetic teeth is choosing the right tooth color. Natural tooth color varies from person to person, and any shade cannot be said to be the most natural tooth color. In addition, even the colors of the natural teeth of the people in the mouth are different from each other. For example, the front 4 incisors are at least one shade lighter than the canines. The premolars and premolars are not as yellowish as the canines.

The lower teeth are usually half a shade darker than the upper teeth. In addition, the tooth itself does not consist of a single color. The colors are slightly more yellowish in the part of the tooth close to the gingiva and the color is lighter towards the ends. The colors in the dental palettes consist of 3 basic components. These are the lightness and darkness of the color, its intensity and tone. Many companies have released different scales that show natural tooth colors. One of the most commonly used ones is the Vita Classic scale below. The shades shown below are the most common natural tooth shades. Shades A shown in the palette include shades of red and brown. B tints include red and yellow tints. C tints include gray tints. D tints include red and gray tints. In addition, there are hundreds of intermediate color tone options with different values ​​between these color tones. Inadequate and correct oral and dental care, too much tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc. Consumption of things that change the color of the teeth changes the color of our teeth from their natural color over time. In addition, with age, the color of the teeth turns yellow.

Veneers are unlikely to damage the natural teeth underneath. However, patients may experience various minor discomforts right after the process completed for a short time. Sometimes, one or more different treatments accompany the process of the veneers. For the most accurate information, we recommend that you consult your doctor about what kind of discomfort you can expect in such cases, which problem is caused by which problem, whether the problem you are experiencing is an expected and natural problem.